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Re: Request - More power for Xero

Postby DEMETRIOS » Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:37 pm

GNU wrote:I wouldn't recommend you ask for help to those guys who Mikolaj mentioned (V and ROS guys), except Philp (Of course from the best clan 8) ).
Hahaha! I'm not writting that only because he's from E201, but I've been on Vulpine and I know the other guy and they are uhmmm, I'll only tell you don't trust in them. If you need any kind of help I could talk with Philp and pleasantly we could help with the server or maybe if you want to talk with him just let me know.

Also, if you need a remodelation for Wharthog's website let me know, I developed E201's portal/forum with the same platform than Wharthog's (kid's stuff 8) ) But if you don't have time to give a new view for this website I could help you. Watch ours here:

Anything else just let me know via PM.

yup e201 have a nice combogib server they can give the server config to you,i think...
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Re: Request - More power for Xero

Postby xero » Mon Sep 16, 2013 6:33 am

xero wrote:
Alexei wrote:Well you don't need all 500+ maps on there. But you will want to test out the main stuff. I can tell you the sticking points are the ghadi weapons, infinity rifles, translocators and anything that overloads a redeemer (slv, rx, avenger, cars, qjets, etc.). Valhalla avatar is also something that is commonly broken (we can't do anything about this - if a package breaks VA it can't be used).

xero wrote: I'm talking about a combogib SERVER, replacing either server 1 or server 2 entirely. You and I both know, there's no way CG would EVER work as an additional mod to either of the existing servers, it would need to be standalone.

Either you don't actually read what I write, or you have some sort of ADD or ADHD. Plz see pm I sent you, ty.

*BUMP* In addition to not comprehending, you apparently don't pay attention to anything. You told me to PM you, now go read your pm's. :evil:
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